Variety – It’s the spice of team building

Variety – It’s the spice of team building

Bell peppers and spice in jars.
In our last post we talked about the importance of novelty and how experiencing activities together for the first time is inherently a bonding experience for a team. In this blog we’re going to take that a step further and cover variety.

Most of our activity day formats comprise a variety of different activities which fit together to form the event. An example is Country Sports. If you have a group of, say, 30 people you might be divided into five teams of six and each team would then rotate around the activities in a round robin format. Scores are recorded and at the end of the event there is a winning team. An example of the five activities would be; Laser Clay Shooting, Archery, Segways, Quad Bikes and Duck Herding.

So, why is variety relevant? Firstly it means that the day is fast paced. People have great fun moving between and experiencing different activities. We make sure that there’s enough time that people can learn and become competent but at the same time not too much time so that people get bored. It’s a bit like the advice that the best speakers follow; stop speaking before the audience want you to and not after.

There’s an old adage; you can’t please all of the people all of the time. This covers the second reason why variety makes for a good event. If you were to send the 30 guests a questionnaire before the event asking which activities they wanted to do on the day you would get a variety of choices back. If you have a variety of activities available on a day then you have more of a chance of having something for everyone and having a happy group.

So, variety is the spice of life and also of team building days. The Team Building Company has one of the widest ranges of activities available and we own most of our own kit. In fact, we own nearly all of our own kit but we draw the line at livestock as we don’t have facilities for livestock. In fact the nearest that Richard, our MD, has ever been to a duck is the contents of his duvet. The ducks that we use live very happily on a farm.

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