Treasure Hunt Updates!

Treasure Hunt Updates!

The Winter period is always a quieter time of year for events, which works well for us as it’s the time in which we can work on maintaining/ updating our equipment and creating fresh content for the upcoming busy season. This year we’ve had a large focus on updating and refreshing our Treasure Hunts to ensure that the content we’re providing is the best we can offer.

We’ve replaced all 50 of our tablets with brand new iPad Mini’s, these new tablets are faster than our previous ones, having had them for 4 years which is a lifetime in technology terms. We use our tablets on all of the Treasure Hunts we run, gone are the days of holding onto scraps of paper and following a string of cryptic clues in an attempt to reach the finish. Our events work off of a GPS map built into the latest software that offers a live score board, competitive tracking of other teams and a range of unique location specific challenges.

On the topic of challenges, we’ve created a range of new ones for our Treasure Hunt characters, ensuring that our new content is both interactive and engaging for the whole team.

If you’d like some further information into any of our Treasure Hunts, then please give our sales team a call on 01590 676599 or email your query to:

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