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One of the most popular personality profiling tools used in team building is Belbin. It differs from many other profiling tools because instead of looking at the more typical personality traits, such as introversion and extraversion, it looks at working styles.

Belbin acknowledges nine working styles. An example is Completer Finisher which is someone who, perhaps unsurprisingly, is good at completing and finishing a project. They are good a being methodical and detail. Someone who is strong in this trait may be less so in the more creative traits.

In Belbin people are not one thing or another but they have all of the traits to varying degrees. This means that few people would have no qualities at all in the various traits, they can muster those skills when they really need to, however some traits come more naturally than others. This explains why some things are easier than others to complete on a ‘to do’ list and why exactly what those things are differ from person to person.

Belbin can be very helpful in helping people to understand that if tasks which don’t match their work style are regularly appearing on their to do list it may be a source of stress. It can be better to delegate those tasks to someone with a different profile while taking on alternative tasks that are more suited. When a team is in a position to share this knowledge and reallocate tasks to the most appropriate team member they can move into a position of becoming highly effective while, at the same time, reducing day to day stress.

You can find out more about Belbin here, including information on the nine personality types:- Belbin Team Building Theory.