Two people enjoying a team building task.

Safe Team Building

If you search Google images for ‘team building’ you will find several examples of a well known activity called the trust fall. It is an old favourite of trainers and basic team building providers. It is so easy to do that many people who are putting together their own event to avoid the cost of hiring in an (insured) professional will include it in their programme. It is one of the most dangerous things that you can possibly do and every year people suffer injuries from being dropped by their colleagues. Sometimes these injuries are serious.

Health and safety gets a bad name and studies have recently shown that a lot of the stories that you hear are not actually true, but that’s for another blog. Well designed team building activities are safe for the participants and you don’t lose any of the enjoyment or fun, in fact they are well designed enough to be a great deal better and more effective than falling backwards off a table.

So, if you have found this blog as a result of a search for ‘The Trust Fall’ and you’re considering doing it with your team; please don’t.