The Top 10 benefits of Team Building

The Top 10 benefits of Team Building

Regardless of how talented the individuals that make up a company or department may be, until they are working as a team their collective potential will never fully be realised. A well-oiled and high functioning team is the difference between consistent success and sporadic performances.

Being in the team building business, we know how incredibly rewarding the experience is for teams. The benefits of a properly set up team building event are numerous but we’ve managed, after lots of deliberation, to pick our top 10 benefits of team building.

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  1. Builds Loyalty

A strong sense of company and team loyalty can be hard to achieve amongst individuals; a well-knit team however will truly feel part of something.

  1. Massively increases productivity

Once a team has properly bonded together, the sense of unity extends towards how they work together. Lessons they’ve learned on team building exercises are easily applied to practical endeavors and challenges are far more easily identified and overcome.

  1. Creates a harmonious workplace

Team building events offer the perfect respite from the rigors of the workplace – an opportunity to let off steam and view challenges and other team members afresh.

  1. Promotes the perfect environment for optimum creativity.

When teams are set fun challenges away from the work environment it kick-starts their creative process and leads to new and exciting ways of approaching tasks and challenges; invaluable for the workplace.

  1. Creates leaders.

With unusual challenges set in front of a team it provides the opportunity to shake the dynamic of the team up. In this environment leaders step forward and it’s not always who you think!

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  1. Instills strategic thinking.

The challenges we set out on our team building events are not only incredibly good fun, they are designed to develop and improve team cooperation in solving problems. Success is only possible through developing sound strategies.

  1. Gives employees a fresh start and uncovers hidden talents.

Nothing can pull employees out of the rut they’ve found themselves in like a high-energy team-building event. Once motivated and fully participating, the once quiet and evasive team member often turns out to have hidden talents of incredible benefit to the team.

  1. Teaches the value of teamwork

The challenges we set out are impossible to complete with a group of individuals, it doesn’t take long for teams to realise that working well together is the only way to achieve success.

  1. Cements trust between co-workers

Working together under a fun yet pressurised environment is the perfect way for team members to really begin to appreciate each other. When members see each other pulling together towards a common goal it promotes a feeling of trust that is invaluable in the workplace.

  1. Improves communication

Rather than talking around a problem or being vague, team-building exercises demand solid communication amongst team members to achieve success.

Of course, it is possible to achieve one or two of these without the need for team building exercises; however, nothing can provide all of these benefits in one outing and in such a short space of time. A highly motivated workforce working together in harmony is something that all companies aspire to yet rarely achieve – except, of course, the teams that come to visit us!

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