The Team Behind the scenes

The Team Behind the scenes

Ronda Rousey Vs Holly Holm

November 14th saw what was one of the UFC’s greatest upsets of all time, Ronda Rousey who was the current Bantam weight champion, lost by knockout to opponent Holly Holm. Prior to this Rousey was thought as unstoppable, not only beating everyone she came up against but doing it in spectacular style, fashion and speed with only one fighter to ever make it into the second round against her.

During an interview with American Talk Show host Jimmy Fallon. Rousey said “I feel like she’s going to try to like keep distance and keep far away from me and get me frustrated to the point I’ll make a mistake and she can try to kick me in the head.” Unfortunately for Ronda, this was exactly how the fight went. With Holly making some crucial initial blows to the head, leaving Rousey dazed and sluggish and finally letting her guard down enough to receive the fatal knockout blow from Holly with a powerful kick.

ronda 2 Ronda

How an effective support team comes into play

In the wake of the shocking outcome to the highly anticipated match up there is a lot that can be taken away from this. It’s easy to look at each fighter as an individual who has climbed their way to the top, but what about the team behind them? With the build up to the day it’s not only the fighter putting in the countless hours of work, but it’s the coaches, the team mates, the sparring partners and everyone else dedicated to improve and aid their training.

Their success isn’t just based on them hitting the gym every day, it’s the meticulous planning and strategic thinking from the team as a whole that can shape the entire outcome of the match. In a post-match interview with Holly Holm she stated that she had “all the help in the world” and went on further to say that “I knew if I lose this fight it’s my own fault, I’ve had the best coaching, the best team mates and support behind me in the world.”

holly-holm-workout teamwork

When your Support Team is flawed

In light of this, Ronda’s coaching and team preparation has come under speculation, many people have stated that her training and strategy leading up and going into the fight was poor and misplaced.  Her Coach Edmond has been flagged by many as Rousey’s biggest setback, questioning the training and work being put in by him and his team. This just highlights the importance of your team as a whole, no matter how talented and hardworking an individual is it can only take you so far, the entire team working and functioning together fluidly and effectively is what creates the winning solution.


Value your teams

Relating this to the business world it’s not only the ‘face’ of the business that creates the success of the firm, it’s the people behind them. A CEO of a company may be praised in the papers for their ‘cunning stratagies’ or financial success. Yet it’s the company as a whole that makes this happen, without the total co-operation and dedicated teamwork towards a common goal there wouldn’t be the success stories you read in the papers.

Of course these people should be praised for the work they do, they are the main decision makers and at the end of the day are the people who will be held most accountable for the outcomes of these decisions. But it is important to remember and give credit to the entire team, when credit is due, recognition for hard work can only boost morale and create an overall stronger and more dedicated team.


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