The Sun Has Got His Hat On

Hip, hip, hip, hooray! It’s hard not to feel like singing a happy song when you see the sun after the weather we’ve had this winter. Luckily we have an excellent range of indoor team building experiences so clients have still been able to have fun and build their teams but there’s no doubt that this has been an extreme few months of weather.

We’ve seen a lot of blue skies this week and enquiries have started to come in for outdoor events. At this time of year people like the idea of the variety of activities offered in our Country Sports range. You can try out different sports in the grounds of your hotel and then head back indoors for warm food and drinks. It’s a great time of year to be outdoors. One of the important things when it’s colder is to keep moving around, so some activities are more suitable than others and our experienced team will make sure you make the right choices.

Treasure Hunts are another event in which participants stay active. If you choose this in a city location there are always places where you can stop for refreshments on the route and this is an important aspect of the event. There is plenty to do, so it’s not exactly a pub crawl, but if you need a warming break you can stop off somewhere.

Our themed event The Parmesan Job is another popular activity at this time of year because it has outdoor elements but you spend much of the event in the heated interior of a Mini, so it really is the best of both worlds.

So, we’re now through the worst of the weather (we hope) and people are emerging blinking into the sunlight and thinking about outdoor events. In just a few months time it will be warm and dry. What a relief!

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