The importance of novelty

The importance of novelty

A noisemaking novelty
One of the main advantages of team building activities is that they give a team a chance to have a shared positive experience. You will usually be in a nice environment with fun things to do that don’t feel like work. It’s in these situations when boundaries come down, trust builds and the end result is powerful team bonding.

Most of the activities which will form part of a team building day have the novelty factor in common. Riding Segways, Duck Herding using dogs and taking a Rib out on the Solent are, more often than not, things that people will be doing for the first time.

Novelty adds to any experience significantly. People enjoy doing something for the first time and when that thing involves an element of skill it’s thrilling to master it. Typically your team mates will be cheering you on and, when there is banter, it’s usually of a good nature. This combination of shared positive experience, novelty and sense of accomplishment is really the magic set of ingredients for a positive team building experience.

If you take a look at our range of events you will see a lot of novelty. We seek out new activities to add to our portfolio because we understand this relationship between doing something new together and team building. As a result you can pick a selection of different activities for your day and be sure that you’ll have at least one new experience for everyone in the team.


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