The Changing Face of Team Building

The Changing Face of Team Building

When most people think of team building, they may well refer to that time when they were put in a room with their colleagues and had to take it in turns to fall backwards off a table and be caught by their colleagues – The ‘Trust Fall‘.  Not only was this a fairly useless exercise, it also gave participants that feeling of being forced to trust their colleagues with the hope of building a better team ethic.

Now there are some arguments that this exercise might have worked, but in the modern day where there is access to so many more resources, there is no place for these toe-curlingly, cringe-worthy exercises. You may remember the old Vodafone adverts as pictured below…although a clever, ‘tongue-in-cheek’ marketing campaign for their ‘One Net’ service, they were criticized for the negative connotations that they imposed on the industry. Ironically, Vodafone have taken part in many team building events and the feedback has always been positive!  (Thankfully we do not offer the activities shown in their posters!)

vodafone-hoop-small-90423 Vodafone-One-Net-ads-s03_0 vodafone-one-net-campaign

So, over the last decade or so, the changing face of team building in the corporate environment has seen the creation and development of more innovative team building event ideas that have been designed to remove the ‘cringe’ factor stigma that has been attached to team building for so many years. It is not always possible to please everyone when participating in a team building event but there are now a vast number of event options that should give the event booker enough choice to find something to fit the group and also meet their objectives.

As a Team Building event supplier, we do not guarantee or preach that by taking part in a team event, you will suddenly become a cohesive, high performing team. We simply see these events as a platform on which your team can start to improve on these areas.  As a result of this, we have developed a series of indoor and outdoor events that have done away with the embarrassment and cringe in the hope that we can remove the negativity surrounding the phrase. See links below to some of our most popular events:


Team Building is about shared experience and fundamentally it should be seen as a fun, all-inclusive experience which in turn should break down the initial barriers and allow for a less inhibited interaction between colleagues – this does not have to be forced as it will come naturally with the right environment. It comes in many forms – even going to the pub can be team building!


The power of the team is what keeps you growing

It’s not about forcing square pegs through round holes to meet a one size fits all template. Teams are living, breathing entities of their own that are dynamic and fluctuating, utilizing every resource to meet all challenges. Team building has developed to break down the rigid structures that companies can easily become bogged down in and lays the foundations for the development of creative, responsive thinking and a true collaborative environment that constantly searches for improvement.

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