Teamwork and Rowing

Teamwork and Rowing

From the 23rd September until the 1st October, we will see 1,700 athletes and thousands of supporters from over 60 countries arrive at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, Florida for The Rowing World Championships!

Rowing is the ultimate teamwork sport, all team members have to work in unison and be both physically & technically exact. During the Championships we will witness some brilliant team work, every competing athlete, every coach and every behind the scenes team member will work together to achieve success.

World Rowing Championships poster World Rowing Championships mascot

Alex Gregory (British Rower) stated in 2013 that the British Rowing Team is defined by and relies upon teamwork in one form or another, he goes onto explain that teamwork is never more apparent than in an eight man boat. It takes months of practice and development to produce an eight man crew, relying on eight athletes, a cox and a coach. The whole team work together in mind and body through weeks of intense training ensuring that everyone works together in exact unison. Any tiny difference in timing, positioning or mind-set can have a negative effect on the speed of the boat.

Teamwork in an eight man boat Teamwork in an eight woman boat

Communication is a key part of rowing, physical communication is transferred to each crew member by movements in the boat as well as verbal communication in feedback. Alex Gregory explains that before every training session the crew will discuss what they plan to achieve, how they are going to achieve it, and how they are feeling. Following the session the team discuss whether the session achieved their goal, what worked and more importantly what didn’t work. Alex goes on to explain that there can be disagreements, not everyone has to feel the same way about the session, however they all have one thing that links them together above everything else… everyone wants to win!

Medal winners Women's rowing eights medal winners

Teamwork is fundamental to the success of any organisation and is not automatic, it needs developing over time. Like a rowing crew, to get your team to work in unison it requires training and development. Here at The Teambuilding Company we believe that our teambuilding events bring groups of people together by encouraging teamwork and collaboration through teams participating in a series of activities that are fun and motivational. Teamwork is a process of a group of people working collaboratively together in order to achieve a common goal.

Teamwork and rowing success Rowing in the Olympics - UK winners

Richard Rierson (2012) stated “No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to find one example of genuine achievement that was performed by a lone human being. There was always a team involved.”

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