Team Ski Activity

Team Ski Activity

Team Ski is a regular fun team building activity on Crystal Challenges and Command Task events. It is typically one of several activities and the group is divided into equal teams to attempt each challenge in a rotation.

Team ski team challenge.

Team Ski

The team has to ride the skis around an obstacles course with four or five of them all on the same pair of special skis. It’s a challenge of communication and teamwork.

This is one challenge where many teams are inclined to make it more complicated than it needs to be. This provides an opportunity for a discussion after the activity on overengineering solutions, if that is relevant to the team.

Another interesting version is to have a team on the skis with a manager who is helping them with the task. You can add another person and call them the consultant. The team represents the business process, or factory floor. It’s interesting to watch all of this happening and debrief afterwards.

Or you can just do it for fun!

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