A large Lego construction featuring a Tesco logo.

Team Building With Lego

We have around 26,000 Lego bricks which we use for one of the parts of our Together We can team building event. The first team chooses what to build and then each following team takes up the theme and continues it until you have a large scale and, hopefully, impressive final result which includes relevant features and messages for the team who built it.

One of the advantages of Lego compared to activities such as painting is that it can be de-constructed, so one team can take apart the work of a previous team and re-build on their own theme. This creates interesting opportunities for post event facilitation.

Another advantage of Lego is that it brings out the playfulness in a group. Often participants haven’t played with it since they were children and it can be fun to re-familiarise yourself which a favourite toy.

Lego is made in Denmark where it means ‘play well’. There are currently approximately 50 Lego bricks for every person on the planet. Even if you’re a grown up, Lego is great fun!