Team Building – Reward Not Chore

Team Building – Reward Not Chore

Reward Not Chore

When the words team building are brought up in the work place the initial thoughts that enter most people’s minds are being locked in a room together doing theory paper based exercises and trust falls. However that’s not how team building is embodied in today’s world, it doesn’t have to be seen as a chore to participate in team building anymore, events companies are constantly coming up with new interactive and fun activities that still incorporate the values and messages companies want to get across.

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Over the years there has become a huge range of events that involve group interaction, mental strategizing, team cohesion, group involvement and many other values whilst still creating a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for attendees. For instance the Crystal Challenge event based off the old Crystal Maze television show is a great collection of activities that require groups to split into teams of 6-7 to work together across a mix of different activities. Teams compete for crystals, which are earned by not only completing their given task but also by showing strong team work and creativeness.

Keep It Interesting

It’s by creating a fun and enjoyable experience for your group that you can expect the best results, getting everyone involved and doing something that isn’t mind numbingly boring for the sake of ticking boxes. As soon as you turn team building into something that is seen as a reward rather than a chore your group interaction and involvement will dramatically increase as attendees want to get involved with the activities rather than being dragged through a tedious revision session.

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Choosing The Right Event

It’s crucial that your event organiser understands your teams needs and wants, what exactly are you looking to gain from the day and which activity is most likely to captivate your groups involvement. What are the groups common interests, if you try to force people to participate in something that they won’t enjoy you lose all the benefits of the event. There are so many benefits that can come from a single session of team building, creating positive memories where staff members who don’t typically interact much in the work place are given the chance to work together and build positive relationships.

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