A team celebrating behind a finished work of art comprising 16 canvasses.

Team Building Painting

Painting is an excellent activity for team building. The group is divided into teams of three to five people and each is given a canvas. Their objective is to create one large picture with each canvas being a section of a mosaic. Communication is essential if the canvasses are to fit together to make one matching big picture.

We run an event called DaVinci’s Designs which is a tribute to the great creative genius of Leonardo DaVinci. This starts with a selection of themed activities in which teams have to identify and recreate some of his famous inventions, for example a helicopter, a parachute and a self supporting bridge. We have a wooden kit with which teams can reconstruct a DaVinci bridge.

With lots of teams contributing towards one big picture the business metaphor is fairly clear and DaVinci’s Designs is an ideal team building event if facilitation is an objective to gain business insights and advantages from the event.