Team Building In The Rain

Two people in rainmacs attempting a team building activity.

Team Building In The Rain

Rain is unavoidable, particularly in the UK. So, what happens when you’re on an outdoor event and the rain starts to fall? Can it still be fun or does inclement weather ruin everything?

There is a terrible triad which includes being wet, being hungry and being cold. It is imperative to avoid having delegates experiencing all three at the same time; it’s just miserable and you will have a revolution on your hands. There is no excuse for having hungry participants. Most events take place at good country house hotels and people should have had something to eat before the event starts. Most venues will provide food in the activity field if required.

People must be advised to bring sensible outdoor clothes. If you have too many layers you can always take one off, too few and you have a problem. Really it’s common sense and people tend to come prepared. So, we’re left with the rain. Through the winter we have to keep going through wet days several times a week. We provide disposable kagools for those who need them and, for some reason, they make people laugh and add to the team building. What’s not to like about wearing a bin bag?

It’s also quite satisfying to be out in the elements and then to head into the hotel for a drink by the roaring fire. Sometimes a bit of rain can add to the fun and atmosphere. Being out in the elements can be great fun, it’s something that we enjoy as children but somehow lose as adults.

So, team building in the rain. It happens all the time and provided you’re prepared it really isn’t much of a problem.

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