Team Building In London

Team Building In London

London continues to be a hot spot for team building events. There should be no surprise there, it’s where many corporate clients are based. This creates a challenge when organising events because, for most activities, people need to travel out to a site. 10 years ago people would travel one and a half hours if they were attending a two day conference. Conference venues tend to be located fairly close to motorway junctions, so plenty of options were available.

However, in recent years the time allocated for events has decreased – the trend went from two day events at hotels to one day events and with that the type of venue changed. It didn’t have to be a hotel, it could be anywhere with suitable land. Activity centres started to build facilities to accommodate groups and offer better catering than the obligatory barbecue.

A trend for half day events specifically for team building (ditching the conference element around it) began a couple of years before the recession of 2008 and the cut backs which followed, combined with a tendency to focus on single objectives, firmly entrenched this trend. Now the typical team building event is held specifically for that purpose and lasts for half a day.

This presents a challenge for companies based in London. Now people want to travel for at most half an hour to get to a location. The Team Building Company often works at Old Deer Park in Richmond and there are other sites in London where different events can be held. Now most events, other than motorised activities, have a suitable location where travel from the city is not too onerous. This includes It’s A Knockout and the popular Crystal Challenge event.

Another popular choice for companies not wishing to travel is The London Treasure Hunt which can be run from a client’s office and finished at a local bar. This is about as convenient as it gets.

The Team Building Company have a variety of events which can be held in a client’s offices, including an indoor version of The Crystal Challenge. So, the options for team building in London have never been better. The needs of the market changed and the team building product offering was changed to meet it.

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