Team Building ideas for 2011

Happy New Year! It’s exciting to be starting a new year of team building adventures. We will be running established events such as Chocolate Making and the Crystal Challenge and there will be plenty of new ideas. We regularly come up with new event concepts and often clients have themes or ideas that they ask us to develop for them.

Last year cooking events remained popular and there was a growing trend towards indoor team building, particularly of note events at clients’ own offices rather than at hotels. We expect cost cutting moves to continue and have to make sure that we find ways to support this objective while still delivering excellent events.

Influences that will come in in 2011 will be the growing excitement about the 2012 Olympics. The challenge there is to be able to create relevant events without infringing on one of the most protected brands out there. Official Olympics material is available and event companies will need to keep on the right side of that line.

Another relevant influence is the number of films that are being released this year. Some really big films are coming out and that may make Film Making events popular. This is one of the best events for team building, it unites people through sheer enjoyment and the films made are always fantastic and will be enjoyed for years.

And finally there’s The Royal Wedding. A marriage is the ultimate team building activity, but how can we make an event out of it?

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