A team of kids taking part in a team building activity.When students take part in team building exercises they benefit from all of the lessons that a well planned event can offer. These include leadership, successful planning and problem solving. There is another significant benefit that can be focused on that could really help them in their future.

When people go for their first job interview it can be difficult for them to promote themsleves in a business significant way. They will have their exam results to show and discuss and some will have been travelling. This is always very useful and can give them something interesting to talk about in a job interview scenario.

One of the benefits of an organised team building experience is that they can also be coached to discuss what it taught them about such areas as leadership and working in a team. To be able to discuss this using business relevant terminology would make them stand out significantly from others in the interview process.

Anyone who has interviewed young people for their early jobs will know that some really struggle to get their personality across in a positive way. The more experiences they have up their sleeve to talk about the more chance they will have of making a good impression. What could be more important?