Summer sun – We’ll make sure you’re fine!

Summer sun – We’ll make sure you’re fine!

A team on a team building dayThe summer is here with a vengeance and, after what seemed to be an 18 month winter, no-one feels like complaining. Outdoor events have really taken off as people want to be outdoors enjoying the sun and taking part in fun activities.

Popular events in the sunshine include Family Fun Days, Country Sports and Treasure Hunts. We take steps to ensure that you are comfortable and safe when you’re out in the sun on one of our events. It is essential to keep a stock of water on the go and we recommend that participants bring sunscreen. All of our events come with pop up marquees and these provide essential shade on hot days.

The best events in this weather provide fun and participation but do not require too much physical exertion. Our It’s A Knockout event is very physical and perhaps not the best choice for the hottest of days. Water based events, for example our Rib Treasure Hunt, could not be more perfect and demand has sky rocketed.

St Swithin’s day has just passed with superb weather, so if the traditional rhyme is true we’re assured of 40 days of sunshine. Now is the perfect time to book a memorable team building day outdoors, so call one of our expert advisers to find out which event is the best one for you.

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