Spy School

Spy School

Hello Summer 😊! Here at The Teambuilding Company we are having a fabulous time enjoying our outdoor events, especially our recently re-launched event… SPY SCHOOL!

Our Spy School event offers an exciting, high- adrenaline teambuilding experience. With a range of stimulating, spy themed activities you and your team will undergo intense training to see if you are “00” status worthy.

The Format

You and your team of potential spies will arrive at our mobile top secret spy training facility where you will be met and briefed by “The Director of Training”. After being put through your paces on a rotation of spy themed activities, your teams will be assessed and scored by our Spy Trainers. The team with the most points will go on to graduate as spies with full ‘00’ status.

Explosive Shooting, Blindfold Driving, Pulse Ranger and Breakout are just a few of our core spy-themed activities designed to challenge individual skills and develop teamwork. We also offer some more unique and bespoke activities such as Hand to Hand Combat, Stage Fighting and Laser Maze. As well as having fun, our Spy School event highlights the importance of teamwork, communication and problem solving.



We can set up our top secret mobile spy training camp at any suitable venue across the UK, we just need a large outdoor space to run the activities. For venue recommendations or if you have a venue in mind and would like to discuss suitability, please give one of our events team a call on 0800 975 0728.


Our Spy School event is perfect for teams looking for something a little different and for an exciting day outside! If you would like to find out more information about our Spy School event or any of our other Outdoor Events, please call our events team on 0800 975 0728 or alternatively email us at: events@teambuilding.co.uk.

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