September Event of the Month – Crystal Challenge

September Event of the Month – Crystal Challenge

This September saw the start of the 2015 Rugby World Cup and the nation has come together to show true team spirit and support for England…moving past Saturdays crushing game!

However in the theme of teamwork our Crystal Challenge event has been our most popular activity choice this month.  An event we created based on the old Crystal Maze TV Show (minus the bald presenter), it’s one of our more teamwork dedicated events.


This month saw a whopping 515 people taking part in our Crystal Challenge event at venues nationwide, with the largest group being 154 clients at Oatlands Park in Weybridge.

The Crystal Challenge puts teams of 5-7 to work on completing a selection of group tasks designed to promote communication, leadership and problem solving. Working together as a team, successful completion of each task is rewarded with crystals and medals awarded to the top performing team! One of our favorites from this event is “Cypher”, where co-operation is key; using limited resources teams have to retrieve a number of objects within a restricted area – see pictures below.

Crystal Challenge team building Three people concentrating on a team building activity.

We can run our Crystal Challenge event (Indoors or Outdoors) at venues all across the country so if you feel this would be an event that would suit your team, please feel free to give us a call on: 01590 676599 or e-mail us at:

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