Quad Bikes For Team Building

Three quad bikes lined up ready for action.

Quad Bikes Ready To Go

Quad bikes have been running round the corporate event circuit from the very start of the team building trend. They have always been one of the staple activities in the round robin multi activity format, along with archery, laser clays, off road driving and those sorts of activities.

Riding quad bikes is undoubtably fun, but is it team building? We’re back to the much discussed use of the phrase team building. Some say that it doesn’t cover the sort of social team bonding positive shared experienced type of activities that quad biking represents. Yet clients call these activities team building, they use that as the search when they look for it on the internet. Why fight it?

If clients want to enjoy quad biking as a fun team building activity then they should, and they can leave the academics indoors arguing about what things should be called.

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