October event of the Month – James Bond 007 Treasure Hunt

October event of the Month – James Bond 007 Treasure Hunt

This October saw the the 24th edition to the James Bond franchise with the release of ‘Spectre‘, the highly anticipated continuation to the Bond story has not failed to deliver with 007 returning to our screens in spectacular fashion. The movie has taken a new UK box office record by bringing in over £41 Million in it’s opening week, Daniel Craig appears for his fourth film running as 007 and has once again delivered us the rough edged Bond who gets stuck into the action.


With the build up to the film our enquiry box has been filled with requests for teams to take part in our James Bond 007 Treasure Hunt. With the release of Spectre we did a bit of research, which of course meant watching the movie, and have tailored the challenges and questions to the new film.

This month we have hosted our 007 Treasure Hunt event for 196 people across the UK, primarily around London and Windsor. Teams have been put to the the test by our very own MI5 corespondent, armed with our Google Nexus 7 tablets that have a pre-loaded GPS map of the surrounding area, teams set out to the many checkpoints around them and put their 007 knowledge and skills to the test.


Along the way you will also encounter a couple of ’00’ agents that have unique challenges for teams to tackle, however some of our clients have opted for more bespoke packages and created their very own questions and characters for the event. Above (top right) shows our team trying out a couple of requested costumes, the ‘Golden Master’ and ‘The Twins’, don’t worry our team aren’t typically dressed like this!

If you feel this is something you and your team would like to take part in then please feel free to give us a call on 01590 676599 or e-mail events@teambuilding.co.uk

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