The team building event industry is generally seen to be creative. However, coming up with new ideas is not easy. We tend to have phases where types of events come on to the market, for example the cookery themed events that have become increasingly popular over the last 10 years shadowing the popularity of cooking programmes on the television.

Many of the event themes that make up the fun team building activity industry have not changed in the last 20 years and are based on ideas that are even older; country sports, treasure hunts and command tasks for example. New ways are created to breathe life into these experiences, for example The Parmesan Job which is a high level themed treasure hunt.

Many ideas are described as ‘a version of’ or like something else, for example a board or parlour game. Companies are looking for that new idea that comes out of the blue and redefines the way people think about these experiences.

Successful team building activities need to have the following attributes:-

1. They need to be better solved or experienced as a team than as individuals.

2. They need to be fun and motivating. Tempo is vital, people don’t want to stand around wondering what to do.

3. They shouldn’t be too intellectual. They can have layers and mysteries to solve, but if there are too many instructions it slows the tempo.

4. They need to have a strong finale that leaves people energised and on a high.

5. They need to be portable. People want activities taken to a conference venue rather than having to go somewhere else.

We create two major new events a year and add or refresh half a dozen of the component events in our portfolio, for example new command tasks. We are always looking for that ‘bolt out of the blue’ completely new and ground breaking idea.

Let us know if you have any ideas, it’s potentially a very lucrative market.