Multi Activity Day

Two off road buggies racing on a field

Off road buggies

The Multi Activity Day is the typical format for a fun team building activity day.

Your group is divided into equal teams and activities are provided on a one per team basis. Teams rotate around each activity in turn in a lighthearted competition.

As an example, if you had a group of 30 people they might be divided into four teams of 7/8 and presented with four different activities from a list of events. It’s good to balance the activities, for example some motorised, some shooting.


  1. John · August 11, 2010 Reply

    The buggies look like great fun, but personally I’d prefer my team building event to include a supercar driving day.

    • funteambuilding · August 11, 2010 Reply

      John, can you elaborate as to why? My experience of supercar driving days is that they’re great fun for enthusiasts (and I count myself as one) but not a good experience for the average varied corporate team. It’s hard to build them into a round robin format so instead of having variety and a ‘something for everyone’ set of experiences you get a one theme day. There’s also a lot of waiting around on those days, which an enthusiast will put up with but a general participant will become fed up with.

      Supercar driving tends to be something that an enthusiast in the team asks for, often a senior ‘influencer’ of the day’s programme but can end up as an exclusive experience rather than the inclusive one that a good team building day should be. It works well for corporate events where guests are invited and can choose whether or not to turn up. On those occasions you tend to get a team of enthusiasts. Team building events are usually experiences that the whole team has to turn up to, so you don’t get that same filter at the outset.

      One of the keys to a successful team building event is to make sure that the decision ‘influencer’ puts his or her own preferences to one side and chooses something that is good for the whole team.

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