May Event of the Month – Crystal Challenge

May Event of the Month – Crystal Challenge

Coming into late Spring, it’s the time that clients become increasingly interested in outdoor events for their team. Although May perhaps didn’t give us as many sunny days as we might have wanted, it didn’t stop our Crystal Challenge team event from winning top spot for our Event of the Month.


The Crystal Challenge is an event that we have developed that took inspiration from the popular 90’s TV Show, the Crystal Maze. During the TV Show, team members took part in various different challenges that fell into 4 categories:

  • Skill games, tests of dexterity and accuracy. These included target-shooting games, miniature vehicle driving games, steady hand tests, timing tests, maneuvering the crystal out of the maze, or getting balls into the correct holes.
  • Physical games, tests of speed and strength. These included demolishing targets, climbing without touching the floor, using a zip-wire, avoiding obstacles, crossing the water, or heaving a chest to unlock the crystal.
  • Mental games, tests of brainpower. These included arranging 2D or 3D puzzles, solving a brainteaser set by ‘Mumsey,’ solving a word association game, solving maths equations, or releasing a key on a rope entangled in an intricately shaped object.
  • Mystery games, which did not fall into the previous three categories. These included treasure hunts, sliding puzzles, and finding the location of a crystal in a room using clues.

With this in mind, we designed a range of activities where all team members work together as opposed to individuals where tasks require team members to communicate and work efficiently as a team in order to earn their crystals. With the perfect blend of Physical and Mental tasks, there is always something for everyone and the scope for facilitated workshops (such as Belbin, MBTI) to run alongside this event means that the business outcomes are truly tangible.

Crystal Challenge team work cr Crystal Challenge team building

This month we took the Crystal Challenge to venues all over the country including Hilton Syon Park Hotel, Selsdon Park Hotel and Stratford-upon-Avon to name just a few and with options to run the activities either indoors or outdoors, the rain never stopped play!

Here’s what some of our clients had to say about their experience of the Crystal Challenge:

“Thank you very much for a very well organised team event. We all had great fun! Rob and the team were very friendly and given us clear instructions. Everything was timely and run smoothly. Activities selected had a nice balance of challenge and fun: allowed us to observe how we all behave within a team during an unknown, competitive situation. We were reflecting on observations after the activities.  We had a great energy within the team during the activities.” SHELL

“My team thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and I think the balance between light physical activity and mental challenge was just right. The Crystal Challenge really suited our requirements for a competitive event that would engage the entire team and promote the team building aspects we were keen to include. It sat well alongside the more formal strategy meetings we held on the same day.” VEOLIA

“Thank you very much, we had a great day and the whole team enjoyed every minute of the Crystal Challenge (although we weren’t very good at most of the activities).  It was really well organised, good amount of time spent on each activity and all three facilitators were brilliant – totally loved every minute!! Thank you :-)” KPMG



Click the image above to watch the Crystal Challenge video


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