March Event of the Month – Parmesan Job

March Event of the Month – Parmesan Job

March was a very busy month here at The Team Building Company and one which saw us hosting a variety of different events from Chocolate Making to Rib Treasure Hunts and F1 Challenges to Country Sports. But by far the most popular event this month was our ‘Parmesan Job’ and the 17th & 18th March saw us put on 2 of our biggest events in the long history of the event with 21 teams at the stunning South Lodge Hotel, West Sussex and 15 teams at Careys Manor Hotel in the New Forest.

What is the Parmesan Job? 

For those of you wondering what on earth the Parmesan Job is, you’ll be pleased to know that it doesn’t involve any cheese whatsoever! Instead, this event takes its inspiration from the Italian Job films of 1969 and 2003 and we have developed this into a thrilling team building event that has become one of our most popular choices over the last few years.

Mini 1 Mini 2 Mini 3

What Happens?

After an initial briefing from our very own Professor Peachy (played by Benny Hill in 1969) your group are led out in teams of 4 and greeted by a fleet of Mini’s. Each team is presented with one of our Google Nexus 7 Tablets which hosts a bespoke treasure hunt that, with a stunning Mini Cooper as your mode of transport, will take you through the towns and villages that surround your chosen venue.

The Tablet Treasure Hunt requires teams to visit various waypoints on their journey where they must answer a variety of questions/challenges. On route they will also meet some other characters who will have some bonus challenges for teams to complete with the aim of eventually stealing the gold from Mr Parmesan.

At the end of the event, teams will return to the start point and will have the chance to ‘Blow the Bloody Doors Off!’ We won’t tell you what this entails but it’s a great way to finish the event and the winning team are awarded medals or chocolate gold bars.

Where can we do this event? 

We are pretty flexible as to where we can run the Parmesan Job. From previous experience we have found the best locations are Country House Hotels. However, if you are London based, we can run it around the Richmond area. (We don’t run it in central London as we don’t want you to be stuck in traffic the whole time!) We can either recommend suitable venue options or if you would like to see if we can run the Parmesan Job in your preferred location, please feel free to ask.

Event Facts:

Minimum Group Size: 8
Maximum Group Size: 125 – (although we can change the format for larger groups)
Event duration: 4 hours
Cost: POA

So if you would like to book the Parmesan Job for your team, please feel free to give our events team a call on 0800 975 0728 or e-mail us on


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