March Event Of The Month – Great London Treasure Hunt

March Event Of The Month – Great London Treasure Hunt

Great London Treasure Hunt

As we keep on rolling towards the summer season our events are starting to fly off the shelves again as teams are desperate to get outside and take part in some of our great outdoor activities. Looking back on last month we had 9 separate clients and over 350 people getting involved in our Great London Treasure Hunt, crowning it March’s event of the month!

Treasure huntLondon Treasure HuntTreasure hunt tablet for navigation

Our Great London Treasure Hunt is a unique way for you and your team to explore the City as well as getting in a good day’s team building! Our Treasure Hunts are completely bespoke, meaning that depending on your preferred location we will write the hunt to take place in the surrounding area.

With this in mind, we can set the starting point for your treasure hunt from your offices, a hotel, conference center, pub, restaurant or even a point of interest. From your pre-determined location our event manager will brief your teams on how to operate the tablets and navigation system, then set them off into the City!

What’s involved

Displayed on each teams tablet will be a map of the surrounding area littered with marked ‘hot spots’ each of which, once within a 30 meter radius, unlocks a unique challenge. These challenges range from:

General Knowledge questions – teams will answer a random general knowledge question. E.g. What city was England’s Capital before London?

Location based questions – teams will answer a question specific to the location they are in. e.g. Find the statue of Captain Cook….on what day did he die?

Photo Challenges – teams will have to take a photo of themselves completing a certain challenge. e.g. Take a photo of your team creating an optical illusion

Character Challenges – teams will have to track down one of our characters and complete the task they are given. Characters can include a Mexican and a Monk.

Scavenger Items – teams will have to acquire various items from a list they are given. This can include foreign currency, yesterday’s paper plus many more.


To keep competition up, teams will be able to see each other’s points and progress throughout the Treasure Hunt. Therefore adding that extra bit of motivation to get to as many ‘hot spots’ as possible within the allotted time.

Wrapping things up

To conclude, your event manager will take in not only each teams tablet scores but also calculate their points accumulated from completed photo challenges and any scavenger items they have collected along the way. Once each team’s points have been totaled the event manager will call out the scores, working their way up to the overall winners for the day who will be awarded with medals… great to wear around the office for bragging rights!

Treasure hunt - Tower Bridge London team 4 

The Team Building Company has been running treasure hunts in London for more than 20 years so to find out more, why not give us a call on 0800 975 0728 or complete an enquiry form and we will be in touch shortly!

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