Learn to card count

Our new Hustle team building event gives participants experience of card counting and a variety of other tricks that can be used in a casino. Our expert shares tricks and techniques with the group before taking them into a room where there are roulette and black jack tables in a fun casino replica run by trained croupiers.

A casino roulette table with a pile of chips

A fun casino

Card counting is much easier than you might think. Films such as Rain Man starring Dustin Hoffman have lead people to believe that you have to be able to memorise several packs of cards. In fact you don’t, and there are several techniques which are easy to master and fun to use. Real casinos have the odds in their favour less than one precent. These techniques only shift that a few percent, but vitally it’s in your favour.

Card counting is not allowed in casinos and they can throw you out and ban you if they catch you. If you’re suspected the croupiers have a few tricks up their sleeve that can be used to ruin your count and these will be covered on the event.

This new team building activity is fun and interesting. It’s not supposed to be taken too seriously but the techniques discussed are fascinating and very useful to understand. Understanding odds, in particular, is a very useful business and life skill.

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