Land, Sea & Air Event

Ribs at The Needles

Ribs at The Needles

A land, sea and air event does what it says on the box. Part of the event is on the land, for example off road driving, Segways or any number of event combinations. Another part is on the sea on board yachts or ribs and then the final element is a sensational ride in a helicopter.

The whole event is co-ordinated so that teams move from section to section in a high tempo and unforgettable day of pure adrenaline. You can even transfer between yachts on ribs.

Air Squirrel helicopter.

Air Squirrel helicopter.

This is a high profile event at the top end of the budget. However, for sophisticated clients who have experienced a lot of different activities it is an ideal selection. It’s an event that people will not want to miss.

There are some excellent hotels in the New Forest area including The Chewton Glen, Rhinefield House and The Grand Harbour in Southampton.


  1. Robert · October 23, 2009 Reply

    This sounds fantastic! Sadly I can’t see my employer funding something at this level but the team building events we do have are always good fun. Problem is that I’ll be comparing them with this now.

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