June Event of the Month – Tablet Treasure Hunts

June Event of the Month – Tablet Treasure Hunts

This month has seen a number of contenders for the top event but it looks like our Tablet Treasure Hunts have taken the top spot for June’s Event of the Month!

Made up of a variety of different themes, our Tablet Treasure Hunts include our London Treasure Hunt, Hidden Quest Treasure Hunt, 007 Treasure Hunt, Black Cab Treasure Hunt and Hostage Treasure Hunt but we are not restricted to just these – the flexibility of this event format means that we can tailor it to almost any theme that you desire and can include bespoke questions based on company objectives, themes, products and much more.

All Treasure HUnts

As we write all of our Treasure Hunts bespoke to each location, they can basically be held at any location across the UK and Europe. With this in mind, over the course of June, our Tablet Treasure Hunts have been played by a total of 710 people in all sorts of cities, towns, rural areas and even the grounds of country house hotels!

England, London, sign by Houses of Parliment, Big Ben, low angle view thunt thunt1
So how does it work?

All of our treasure hunts are hosted on Google Nexus 7 tablets which run on 4G network that uses a hi-speed GPS location service to determine your position and the position of the other teams in your group. Following a brief from our Event Manager, teams are given their tablets and set loose in the chosen location. The main game screen shows an interactive Google map on which we place a series of ‘hotspots’ that host a variety of challenges including general knowledge questions, location based questions, photo challenges, character challenges and scavenger items.

– General Knowledge questions – teams will answer a random general knowledge question. e.g. What is the capital of Australia?
– Location based questions – teams will answer a question specific to the location they are in. e.g. Find the statue of Captain Cook….on what day did he die?
– Photo Challenges – teams will have to take a photo of themselves completing a certain challenge. e.g. Take a photo of your team creating an optical illusion
– Character Challenges – teams will have to track down one of our characters and complete the task they are given. Characters can include a Mexican, a Monk, a Knight and more.
– Scavenger Items – teams will have to acquire various items from a list they are given. This can include Foreign currency, yesterdays paper plus many more.

Teams have to make their way to each of the hotspots which, once they get within a 30 metre radius, are unlocked to reveal the challenge(s) that they must complete. Points are awarded for the successful completion of each challenge which encourages a bit of light-hearted competition between teams.

When the time is up, teams will head to the finish location shown on the tablet where their points will be totalled and the winning team awarded medals for their efforts. The photos taken during the treasure hunt will be sent across to you post event for you and your team to enjoy!

Tablet Treasure Hunt FAQs

Where can these events be held? Our Tablet Treasure Hunts can be held at almost any location across the UK. We can also run these in Europe if required.
How many people can this be done for? We are able to run Tablet Treasure Hunts for groups of 5 up to 250 people.
How long do these events last? It depends on which theme you go with but generally we recommend 2-3 hours.
How much does it cost? This is dependent on group size and location. Simply give us a call on 0800 975 0728 with your requirements and we can give you a quote.  

Treasure Hunt Case Study – Air New Zealand – 4th June 2015

Earlier this month, we hosted a bespoke Tablet Treasure Hunt for Air New Zealand in London. Inviting over 200 Travel Agents to take part, Air NZ’s key objective was to educate the travel trade on their flight options from London to New Zealand. Also, celebrating their 75th year, they wanted to reward the travel trade with an exciting and interactive event that was fun and appealing to all. Given this brief, we designed a bespoke Tablet Treasure Hunt that took teams on a tour ‘around the world,’ stopping off at the various locations that Air New Zealand fly to. This was named the “More Ways to NZ” Challenge.

airnz1 More Ways to NZ Challenge logo airnz2

Now it obviously wasn’t going to be feasible (or affordable) to send 200 people to the 8 destinations that Air NZ fly to. So, given the diversity of our nation’s capital city, we found 8 areas of London that hosted each of the destinations, some of which were hosted by corresponding tourism boards/partner airlines or our characters.

Singapore – Trafalgar Square – Singapore Airlines served Singapore Sling flavoured Ice Creams
Shanghai – China Town 
Honk Kong – China Town
Cook Islands – Captain Cook Statue on the Mall – hosted by Cook Islands Tourism
Tokyo – Japan Centre, Piccadilly 
San Francisco – Golden Jubilee Bridge, Embankment – hosted by Visit California
Los Angeles – Opposite London Eye, Embankment – hosted by Visit California
Vancouver – The Maple Leaf Canadian Pub, Covent Garden – hosted by our Vancouver ‘Canucks’ Ice Hockey player

As teams arrived at each location, they were able to unlock a series of challenges. These consisted of 4 x general knowledge questions about the corresponding destination, a photo challenge linked to the destination and an item that teams had to acquire. For example:

Vancouver – (on arrival at the Maple Leaf Pub, Covent Garden)

Question:  Vancouver is location in which Canadian province?    A. Quebec   B. British Columbia   C. Saskatchewan   D. Ontario
Photo Challenge: Take a photo of your team with an Ice Hockey Player
Scavenge Item: Can you acquire a Maple Leaf?

43875-the-conduit-kiwis-san-francisco-photo-405848 43868-the-claphamites-vancouver-photo-405854 43856-summit-singapore-photo-405679 43846-wex-and-drugs-and-rock-roll-hong-kong-photo-405839

Some great photos were taken over the course of the event which finished at Riley’s Sports Bar, Haymarket (next to New Zealand House). Attendees included agents from STA Travel, Travel Nation, Flight Centre, Freedom Destinations, Travel Weekly, Travelbag plus many more. Check out our feature on C&IT website here.

The top prize for one lucky winning team member was 2 x flights to anywhere on the Air NZ network!



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