January’s Event of The Month – Together We Can

January’s Event of The Month – Together We Can

Here at The Teambuilding Company we kick started 2016 with a great first month of events! Our team has been up and down the country providing teams with our fantastic range of team building activities. With the weather still very gloomy and constant rainfall throughout the entire month our indoor activities have been the obvious choice, which brings us to this months ‘event of the month’, Together We Can!

lego 1 movie making rollercoaster 2

This event is split into four separate working stations, Lego build, Canvas Art, Movie Making and Rollercoaster build. The group is then divided into four teams and each is team allocated a different station to start at. From this, teams shall be briefed on their objective for the station they’re at, they then let their creative juices flow and create the starting point for the next team to follow on from.

This event is perfect for getting across company values or objectives as you can set a theme and initial brief for each station, for instance, you could have the initial brief of canvas art as ‘to create a visual representation of the companies goals for this coming year’. This gives teams direction yet also still gives them a creative licence to come up with some truly inspiring work!

IHG 3rollercoaster 3Davinci Team

Once the event draws to a close and each team has completed their cycle around all four stations, our staff will quickly set the room for the final reveal and show round. As your event manager takes you around the room the initial starting teams of each station will be asked to give a quick brief as to how they imagined the finished product and their thoughts on how they have turned out.

If you’d like to find out more information about our Together We Can event then please call our events team on 0800 975 0728 or alternatively email us at: events@teambuilding.co.uk

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