January Event of the Month – Chocolate Making

January Event of the Month – Chocolate Making

So, having come back from a well earned Christmas break, the first month of 2015 proved to be a very busy one for us here at The Team Building Company!



The first event for the new year was our ever popular Chocolate Making event (above) and it went down a storm! Working in teams of 5 people, the group is tasked with creating their very own selection of delicious truffles. Under the guidance of our professional Chocolatier, participants will learn a little bit about the origin of chocolate before learning how to create their own deliciously flavoured ganache fillings. Made by mixing cream and melted Milk, Dark or White chocolate, the ganache is then be flavoured using a selection of essences including Strawberry, Mint, Butterscotch and many more. As well as these, we have a selection of liquers – Cointreau, Disaronno and Rum are all great favourites!

Teams will also learn how to ‘temper’ chocolate. This is the art of working melted chocolate to the correct temperature in order to give it that perfect shine once cooled – the key is to not eat all the chocolate before you have finished your creations! As you can see from the picture above, these chaps just couldn’t resist piping melted white chocolate into each others mouths!

The final part of the event sees teams decorating their chocolates with a variety of toppings including crushed hazelnuts, popping candy, honeycomb, desiccated coconut and much more! Once complete chocolates are judged before the leftovers are taken home for family, friends and colleagues to try (at their own peril!)

It really is a fantastic indoor team event and will leave participants with a skill that might not help their waistlines in the future!

Other popular events in January featured a selection of indoor team events including our Ultimate Challenge, F1 Challenge, Stocks and Shares as well as outdoor events such as our Perfect Teambuild, Country Sports and Crystal Challenge.

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For more information about Chocolate Making or any of our other team events, contact our events team on 01590 676599 or complete one of our online enquiry forms.


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