James Bond Themed Event

James Bond

James Bond is a very popular theme for events. Some themes are easier to work with than others and, luckily, James Bond is a really good one. You can choose from a variety of daytime events, including themed treasure hunts, varied country sports activities or a Spy School event.

It’s always the evening set up that’s a challenge with themes. You need a good budget to make any visible change to a room and there’s nothing more miserable and embarrassing than cheap, sparse decoration. Avoid the paper theme decoration you can buy in party shops at all costs, nothing is more naff. The key to good theme decoration is lighting. You can also use screens with dancers and ice sculptures effectively.

Finally, get a couple of good look-a-likes to really give the event an edge. The Jaws look-a-like has a real wow factor and guests love having their picture taken with him.

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