iPad Movie Making BAFTAs

iPad Movie Making BAFTAs

Today we have seen this year’s BAFTA TV nominees been announced which has got us thinking of our best moments on our iPad Movie Making events… We have seen everything from commercial breaks advertising companies’ goals and values to dramatically themed short films and comedy sketches.

Our iPad Movie Making event allows you to create your very own short film, episode or advert. Teams will need to create their own story boards, direct, act and even edit their masterpieces using our impressive iPad movie makers, professional film equipment, props and costumes. This event allows teams to bring out their creative flair and a chance to enjoy the thrill of filming from both sides of the camera!

Do you and your team have what it’s got to be nominated for your Scripted Comedy or maybe someone in your team as Leading Actor in this year’s BAFTA TV awards in May?

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  1. Angela Wagstaff · April 7, 2018 Reply


    I’m looking to hold out Awayday event on 9th june in Essex, are you able to hosts empowerment days offsite? If so, can you give me an idea of costs and if you are available. Its for 26 people.

    Thank you
    Angela Wagstaff
    Allwag Promotions

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