Icebreaker Events

Icebreaker Events

Icebreakers are one of the most effective ways to kick off a meeting or conference.

As the name suggests, Icebreakers are designed to “break the ice” and get everyone working together as a team before a meeting or event. These short, energetic experiences are effective for people who do not usually work together, or may not know each other at all.

Tim Hallett suggests to consider using an icebreaker event when:

  • Participants come from different backgrounds
  • People need to bond quickly so as to work towards a common goal
  • Your team is newly formed
  • The topics you are discussing are new or unfamiliar to many people involved
  • As a facilitator you need to get to know your participants and have them know you better

Many companies devise and run conference icebreakers themselves, however there are many reasons why using a professional company for your conference is a good idea! It not only takes the pressure off the conference organiser and presenter but it also gives a professional feel to the event.

How to decide what Icebreaker activity is right for your group and conference?

Here at The Teambuilding Company, we have a huge range of interactive, collaborative activities for you to choose from, ranging from stomping in gumboots and getting creative on junk, to Bollywood dancing and spectacular singing. See below our Five Favourite Icebreaker events:

  1. Boombastic

The simple plastic musical tubes can change any conference or meeting room into a sea of colour with everyone working together in perfect harmony

  1. Ultimate Challenge Icebreaker

Dozens of fast paced, fiddly and fun mini-challenges to be completed within an hour!

  1. Haka Workshop

A spine-tingling icebreaker activity featuring Maori tribesmen all the way from NZ – feel the power of the Haka before having a go yourself

  1. Funky Junk

We bring the most random piles of strange household and garden junk… expect a show fit for the West End!

  1. Egg Toss

Everyone is given thirty minutes to design and construct their egg tossing contraption. The mighty machines are then lined up for the competition

We can also run our Icebreaker events as half way through conference energisers, wrap up finales or for just a bit of fun in the office! If you would like to find out more about our Icebreaker events give our Events Team a call on 0800 975 0728.

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