a man adding the finishing touches to a mealOne of the advantages of getting away from the office on a team building event is the opportunity to do something different and have a break from daily routines. Team building ideas include cooking, painting and other activities that require focus and which can be very relaxing.

Having the opportunity to be with your colleagues in this sort of environment helps relationships to grow because people relax and talk about things other than work. Often colleagues can experience conflict because of the work that they do and a relaxing social team bonding experience can show that it’s the work that causes that conflict and not some character clash between the individuals.

O2 recently undertook a survey of 2,000 adults which showed that workplace relationships have taken over from school as the place where most friendships are formed, with almost a third of those who participated saying that they counted work colleagues as friends. Events where people can get away from their daily tasks and bond in a nice environment can be very positive.

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