Focus on Archery

Archery has been in our product offering for 24 years, from the outset, and we have taught 1,000s of people how to use a bow over the years. Occasionally a guest will be an experienced archer but most of the time people remember having tried the sport at school and enjoyed it and are surprised at how much fun it is now. It’s also very good for your heart as pulling the bow exercises the muscles in your chest; so much so that it’s actually recommended by the British Heart Foundation.

Archery usually features as one activity within a Country Sports session. Often it sits alongside Laser Clay Shooting, it’s natural target sport cousin. In team building terms archery fits into the bracket of social team bonding, which comprises activities which groups experience together that are enjoyable and conducive to relationship building. The real team building tends to happen around the activity as people relax and chat, usually in very pleasant surroundings such as a hotel’s grounds.

It is often claimed that there is an English Law that requires all English men of fighting age to practice archery on a Sunday. Sometimes ‘on the village green under the supervision of a priest’ is added, which gives it that lovely quirkiness that is often associated with these archaic laws. There was such a law created in 1514 and the story goes that it was never repealed and so, technically, it still exists. Unfortunately this quaint story is not true. The law in question fell into a group of laws which were repealed in a large revision in 1863 which aimed to reduce the number of obsolete laws (the Statute Law Revisions Act). We think that’s a pity.

So, there is no legal requirement to but if you fancy a go at archery we have top quality equipment and enthusiastic instructors who will be able to demonstrate their own skills by hitting the gold every time*.

*Disclaimer: actual colour may vary. Terms and conditions apply.

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