Five New Events For Summer!

Five New Events For Summer!

Five New Team Events!

It’s starting to feel like Spring has sprung! The sun is beginning to shine, the days are lasting longer and our office is getting busier with your enquiries into our team building events. With Summer now fast approaching, what better way to kick start the season than to launch five new events?

Tour de Team

Each team is give a bike frame, tool kit and a flag. They then work their way around our challenge zones competing for funding for their teams bike and resources. For each challenge they complete they will be rewarded with official TBCo currency which is spendable at our onsite bike store.

Teams use the money that they have won from our challenges to purchase the parts needed to complete their bikes. Once each team has completed their bikes it’s off to the start line for their very own ‘Tour de Team’ relay race!

For more information see our Tour De Team Event!

Build a bike team building event  Tour De Team EventBuild a bike team challenge

The Games

Have you ever dreamed of taking your place on the podium of the Olympics but didn’t quite cut it as a professional athlete? Well now is your chance to get your team involved in running your very own Olympic Games style event!

To start teams create their own country along with a national flag and anthem, following this they are led by our event manager to the activity field, ready to compete. Split into four zones; Team events, Target, Decathlon zone 1 & Decathlon zone 2. Teams compete head to head and work their way around each activity…. Will your team come out on top and take the first place spot of the podium?

For more information see The Games!

Clay Shooting at The Games Olympic team building event Olympic Games corporate team building eventArchery team building activity

Rocket Launch

It’s time to take to the skies and beyond with our Rocket launch event, teams are given a box of supplies with the instruction of creating their very own rocket. Powered by the latest in NASA fuel technology (H2O) each team must design not only an aesthetically pleasing space craft but also work on air resistance as teams will compete against each other to see who’s Rocket is able to make the furthest journey.

For more information see our Rocket Launch Event!

 Rocket Launch corporate team building event Rocket Launch corporate team building Team Rocket Launch!

Ice Cream Making

If you’re a big foodie, is there a more suitable event for those hot summer days? Teams are briefed by our chef that they have been handed the keys to their very own ice cream parlour. They must now not only create a new brand and logo for their store but also a range of new ice cream flavours.

After our professional chef gives his demonstration on how to whip up a batch of ice cream each team is left to their own devices to choose from a vast range of flavours, colourings and decorations to create their luxury range of ice cream.

For more information see our Ice Cream Making Event!

Ice cream making corporate team building eventIce Cream Making teamTeam Ice Cream Making corporate event

Twizy Treasure Hunt

Each team will consist of four people and will be given two electric Renault Twizys to drive in convoy. Teams are also issued Nexus 7 tablets that are fully enabled with GPS tracking. The treasure hunt is mapped out with a series of GPS ‘hotspots’ that teams must visit in order to complete various challenges. They will also have to meet our ‘characters’ en route for bonus challenges. The teams stay in touch with the latest Motorola UHF radios. The perfect event for corporates looking to escape the city and get a better glimpse of the New Forest National Park!

For more information see our Twizy Treasure Hunt!

Twizzy treasure hunt Twizy Treasure Hunt corporate team building event Electric Renault Twizys to drive in the Twizzy Treasure Hunt

If you’d like to find out more information about any of our new events then please call our events team on 0800 975 0728 or alternatively email us at:

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