Fact Finding Fun

This is a simple, fun team building game that you can use as an icebreaker with new groups or to build rapport and trust within an existing team. The game requires no equipment beyond a simple form that you can print off for each team member and a small bit of preparation on your part to set the game up.


● Learn more about your team members in a fun and sociable way

● Improve communication and build rapport and trust within the team

Game Details

Group: Works best with between 5 – 20 people

Materials: Copies of the Fact Finding Fun Handout

Time: Fifteen minutes for the game + some preparation


The first job is to contact all of your team members and ask them to supply you with a little known fact about themselves that no one else on the team knows. It could be that they emigrated to this country when they were five years old, that they are train spotter or that they are the worlds biggest Elvis fan. The idea is simply to get a fact that they are happy to share and that is fun for the others to learn about them.

Before the meeting you will write down all of these facts on the handout or simply write them up in your word processor and then give everyone a copy of the facts as they come in.

The ideas is for everyone to mingle in the group and find out which facts relate to each person. They then need to write down the person’s name and gather as many facts as possible. The person with the most names identified after fifteen minutes is the winner.

Getting the most out of it

This is intended to be fun so don’t go too hard on people. Keep it light and during the preparation try to find facts that will work well in the team setting. You can add a timer if you think that will help and not apply pressure (depends on your group) and offer simple prizes for the top three and maybe a booby prize for the person who gets the least.

The idea is simply to get people talking and to build relationships so your room full of individuals starts to get to know more about each other and can form together and bond as a strong team.

Debriefing the Activity

This is a simple game and main goal is for everyone to enjoy themselves and learn a little more about each other but If you wanted to take this a little further you can allow the winner to read out the facts that they discovered.

This is a guest blog kindly contributed by James Carruthers. About James:-

James is the owner of Fradley Croft Events and has been working in the team building and events industry for over 15 years. James specialises in providing events that have a strong team building element and regularly posts team building activities, games and theory on the Fradley Croft Team Building Blog.

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