F1 Season!

F1 Season!

The first race of the 2017 Formula 1 Championship has been and gone and we now look forward to an exhilarating season of high class motor racing. Here at The Teambuilding Company we cannot get enough of it, which is why we love our F1 Challenge event.

Feel the excitement of creating your very own F1 team in our F1 Challenge event. Pitch yourself against your colleagues in this branding, design and race teambuilding competition.

Even though F1 appears to be an individual sport with just one driver in the spotlight, the truth is very different. Our F1 Challenge demonstrates how many different roles make up the bigger picture, and verifies how fundamental team work is.


The event begins with teams being supplied with a pre-designed chassis which is the starting block of the F1 car. They then need to come up with the design blueprint and build whilst not straying from the original specifications.

Teams also need to design their team brand (which will appear on the F1 car) and team kit along with sponsor logos (which teams will create in order to raise funds for their F1 campaign).

Cars and branding will then be presented to a team of experts and points will be awarded for the best build quality, design and presentation, so teams need to make sure they have their creative hats on!


Once F1 teams and cars have been presented it’s time to go head to head against your competitors in our very own pit-stop challenge. Racing against the clock, teams will compete to win those all important points.

Just like the pit-stops shown on the TV, our challenge demonstrates a true team ethos. Can you keep a cool head under pressure and help bring your team to victory?

All members have a very significant role in the success of their team. Whether you are a creative team member designing the team branding, a hands-on member building your team car or a competitive adrenalin junkie racing your teams creations….EVERY MEMBER COUNTS!

If you would like to find out more information about our F1 Challenge event then please call our events team on 0800 975 0728 or alternatively email us at: events@teambuilding.co.uk

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