Event of the month – The Rookie

Event of the month – The Rookie

Event of the month

‘You’re Fired’! The infamous words of Lord Sugar which will soon be heard on millions of televisions throughout the country.  The 12th series of The Apprentice which starts tonight on BBC One will see 18 Candidate fight it out to become Lord Sugars new ‘apprentice.’

If you have ever wondered whether you have what it takes, now’s your chance with our Rookie Teambuilding event! Based on one of the most popular challenges from The Apprentice, The Rookie sends the teams on a scavenger hunt to source some rather unusual items! Some items will be easier to get hold of than others, but with a limited budget, the teams will need to come up with some ingenious ways to make sure they get everything on the list.

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The Format

Briefed by our very own ‘Lord Sweetener’, teams are presented with a list of items they need to ‘buy’ and return in the allotted time.  Armed with a small budget, private black cab, Nexus 7 tablet and their own business sense, the teams must work together to bring back as many of the goods as possible.

On return the teams must present their findings to the panel.  Of course it’s not all plain sailing as some teams will find themselves face to face with Lord Sweetener in the boardroom, and ultimately one team will hear the words everyone dreads… ‘You’re Fired!’

This event works well for any group size and is most suited to a city center location. Running time is flexible but works best within a 3 to 4 hour time frame. Highlighting the need for delegation, team work and communication, this Teambuilding event is sure to keep everyone on their toes!


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