Event of the Month – Rocket Launch

Event of the Month – Rocket Launch

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” Neil Armstrong, 21st July 1969.

Apollo 11 was the space flight that landed the first two humans on the moon.  Apollo 11 was launched by a Saturn V rocket from Kennedy Space Centre in Florida on the 16th July, and was the fifth manned mission of NASA’s Apollo Programme. Today marks the anniversary of Mission Commander Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon, and what better way to celebrate than announce our event of the month… ROCKET LAUNCH!

Our Rocket Launch event allows you to have an insight into the life of working for NASA, capturing the drama of the world’s great historic space races whilst competing against your colleagues!


Each team will be briefed on their ‘mission’ and supplied with all the tools and materials needed to create their very own rockets! Teams must not only focus on the design and build of the rocket but also create their own space corporation and branding to showcase on their flight suits and the finished vessels.

Once rockets have been built and branded, teams will head to the launch pad for fuelling with our very own rocket fuel before a series of initial test launches, allowing them to perfect their design.

3… 2… 1… LIFT-OFF!

Once the finishing touches have been completed, teams will gather to launch their rockets from our very own Cape Canaveral launch site. Our Senior Engineers will use sophisticated equipment (tape measures) to calculate which design has performed best, whilst our Senior Ballistics Analyst will scrutinise each rocket’s performance and the accuracy of its flight trajectory for bonus points!

May the best team win!

If you would like to find out more information about our Rocket Launch event and where this can take place then please call our events team on 0800 975 0728 or alternatively email us at: events@teambuilding.co.uk

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