Duck Herding

A man learning how to herd ducks on a team building event

Duck Herding

Duck Herding is one of the choices available on a country sports team building event and it is something that most of the participants will not have tried before. It is also fascinating and great fun.

Our farmer comes along with his geese and seven working dogs. He shows the teams how to work with the dogs to herd the geese through obstacles and into their pens. Geese are an interesting subject for a team building event and a video can be shown which shows how they work together and support their team when they make their epic flights around the world.

The dogs are also interesting in their own teamwork. Their success is down to their eye contact, but other body language also comes into play, for example the position of their tail. One mistake and the geese will realise that they are not strong enough. It’s an interesting metaphor for management.

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