Dragon Dancing Team Building

The latest new fun team building activity is Dragon Dancing, created to mark and celebrate The Chinese New Year on February 14th. 2010 is the Year of The Tiger, a positive symbol which carries the motto “I win”.

A Chinese Dragon made for Dragon Dancing.

Dragon Dancing

Teams are given a large selection of materials and have two hours to make their own unique dragon and practice an entertaining dance before delivering it in front of a panel of judges.

A Dragon Dancing corporate event.
Dragon Dancing Event
The Dragon turns as it follows the pearl.
Dragon Dancing team building
They choose their music from an extensive selection including Kung Fu Fighting and The Prodigy’s Firestarter, which seems to be the most popular tune.
The panel of judges choose a winning team and they each get a bottle of Chinese rice wine.
This is a fun event which brings out the real characters in the group and promotes creativity and teamwork. In common with other paper projects groups have a mixed reaction when they hear what they will be doing. There is doubt and even, in some cases, horror. From the outset there are those who champion the cause, and it’s interesting to see them encouraging the unenthusiastic.
As the event progresses it becomes apparent that they are creating something really good and most of the doubters will be won over. The end is impressive, colourful and fun and by that time the group is on a high and the event ends with energy and delight with teams positively built.

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