Chocolate Making Event

There are always trends in corporate fun team building activities and there’s no doubt that cooking has been the most popular trend of 2009 and in particular chocolate making events.  

Chocolate Making Event

This event is suitable for small groups, working as one team, through to large groups of a couple of hundred where the group is divided into teams.

Plenty of equipment is provided and all sorts of varied ingredients. A Master Chocolatier gives a lesson in chocolate making and then oversees proceedings over the course of the event. The objective is to make a luxury box of handmade chocolates.

To give the task variety we can include an Apprentice style marketing challenge to the event, so teams have to come up with branding and present their product to a panel of judges.

Chocolate making is popular as a team building event because it appeals to a wide group of people. It is a good choice in the winter because it is an indoor activity and it can be themed; Christmas chocolate making is great fun.

Christmas Chocolate Making


 The Chocolate Making Event can be held in venues around the UK, for example hotels and conference centres. Because there is no significant cooking element we do not need to use a specialist venue, so it is fairly flexible.

Chocolate making is an enjoyable team building event, and participants get to take their chocolates home for their family to enjoy … if they last that long!


  1. Sarah Arrow · November 25, 2009 Reply

    Mmm, chocolate – an instant winner in my book!

    Does the venue need to supply fridges or anything out of the ordinary for this type of event?

    Does it work better with a particular age group? Our teams are mainly 40+ men, have you done this sort of thing with this age group before?



    • funteambuilding · November 26, 2009 Reply

      Thanks for your question, Sarah. We provide everything we need to run the event including any fridges and cooking paraphenalia. We don’t find that there is a particular age group for chocolate making as it’s universally popular. All events have to be ‘sold’ to the participants, even if they’re not directly paying for them. If you choose this activity it will be something that they probably haven’t done before and they will learn a new skill. Have a look at the team building event list for the full range of activities available.

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