A man with a sheep blindfold on sitting on the ground.

Shepherd Team Building Activity.

The sort of fun activities that are associated with team building often have an extrovert image. The participating group interact and there’s sometimes an element of role play in the activities. If someone is of a strongly introverted preference the idea of an awayday may seem daunting, or something that they would generally prefer not to have to do.

One of the main aims of a well organised team building event is that there should be something for everyone. The choice of activities should appeal to as many different people in the team as possible. Experienced event instructors are very good at judging who in a group wants to get involved and ‘be seen’ and who would prefer to approach activities in a more detatched way. Introverts can bring unique qualities to an activity. Their strength might be in observing and giving feedback, for example. So, as an extrovert might be the first to start working on the challenge the introvert might hold back and work out a better method.

With personality profiling tools such as Belbin and MBTI the introvert / extrovert dynamic is discussed. So, team building events where one of those theories is included will often bring this out when activities are used. This can be very beneficial in helping individuals and teams to understand different attitudes.

Introverts can enjoy and benefit from team building events provided that they are run by an experienced provider who understands the different needs of the individuals in their group.  It can be very beneficial for teams to discuss and understand differences in personalities and this can bost trust and improve communication when the team gets back to work.

The Team Building Company’s website has further information on this.