Tipi tents in a field.

Camping team building event

Most team building events take place at hotels, but what if you want to do something really different?

The event in the photograph was for a London media company who came down to the New Forest for the weekend and stayed in authentic tipis. These are great fun and comfortably sleep six people.

A catering company was brought in and good food was laid on with a bar. The experience included a camp fire and our Hunt The New Forest Beast activity.

A wild eyed local visted the camp on the first night and told stories of a terrible beast which roamed those parts. Campers were advised not to stray too far from camp.

Inside a tipi complete with leopard skin matress

Inside a tipi

The next day the teams head off on a treasure hunt style event where the challenge is to track down The New Forest Beast. This event is great fun and really gives people the opportunity to have a memorable and enjoyable experience together.

The campsite that we use has proper toilets and showers, so it’s not too basic and while not the same as a hotel makes up for it in fun what you lose in luxury.

The New Forest is a great location for this event but there are campsites around the UK and even in London, so there are options everywhere.