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  • Nick Gendler says:

    What can you recommend as a fun teambuilding event, yet with gravitas, for a group board team? I want to be able to offer something along these lines, for a half day to kick off a two day strategy building retreat.

    • funteambuilding says:

      Gravitas is a great word, I know exactly what you mean in this context. This is the sort of thing that is controlled by the facilitator, so you need someone with good experience who knows how to communicate with people at board level and, crucially, how to turn the activity into something that’s relevant to business.

      I would recommend an activity where the group has to build something to meet a specific brief, so they have to plan and execute the activity. One example is to build a crane using kit which is like giant mecano. This event is fairly flexible, for example if change is on the agenda you can suddenly change the brief during the activity so they have to dicth their old design and start from scratch.

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