Baking is Hot!

Baking is Hot!

How the Great British Bake Off Made Baking Competitive!

In case anyone needed further confirmation that Britain is completely enthralled with The Great British Bake Off, the viewing figures for the latest episode will undoubtedly confirm our continuing love affair with the show. 8.3 million viewers tuned in to receive their latest fix of culinary wonderment served alongside a healthy dose of double-entendre by the incorrigible Mel & Sue. When you consider that the competition on the night came in the form of an England international football fixture, which only managed 4.5 million viewers in comparison, their success is all the more incredible.

The Great British Bake-off team

A Slow-Burner

From somewhat humble beginnings on BBC 2, the initial reviews were at best lukewarm, yet somehow this most unlikely of hits turned into a behemoth that shows no sign of slowing down. After smashing the seemingly untouchable BBC2 ratings record previously held by Top Gear, Bake Off has found itself a new home on BBC1 for its 5th season and the nation’s appetite is clearly still growing; producing the odd paradox of a television show ostensibly about something as twee as amateur baking creating huge social media engagement.

Baked Alaska-gate

Depending on your point of view, either a simple misplacement of unset ice cream or an act of subterfuge so great it would make Machiavelli blush caused an uproar across the nation.

The fact that an incident on a baking competition could grip and incite so much passion across the country and rattle the very British sense of fair play shows just how fully invested the public are in the trials and tribulations the contestants are put through. Producing a national reaction usually unseen except for the occasional footballing controversy, Bake Off has ignited our competitiveness.

The obvious passion and commitment that the bakers approach each task with is infectious, elevating potential soggy bottoms and melted baked Alaska’s to such high stakes that the tension is palpable. There is something refreshingly honest about the competitiveness that Bake Off displays. Perhaps that is why there was such a reaction to the melted Alaska, in the context and world of Bake Off it was truly shocking.

Bonding Through Baking!

The other rather unique aspect of The Great British Bake Off is that in spite of the fierce competition between contestants, there is a true sense of camaraderie amongst the bakers’ unseen in other competitive reality shows. From a team building perspective it appears to be the perfect mix of individual competitiveness and focus combined with mutual cooperation and respect. The shared experience seems to produce an incredibly strong bond between contestants that would be an asset to any company or team.

Team Baking

Here at The Team Building Company, we’ve recognized the unique qualities and huge benefits available from the Bake Off format for team building events. We’ve put together an excellent British Bake Off team building event to both challenge and inspire teams. Providing a perfect mix of challenges to build teamwork, creativity and communication skills it is one of the best team building activities for results due to the broad appeal and inclusiveness of the course.

Ready, set, bake!

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